Deck inspections are crucial for ensuring the safety and stability of your outdoor entertaining space.
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Deck inspections are crucial for ensuring the safety and stability of your outdoor living space. They should be conducted annually, or more often if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions. A professional deck inspection can identify potential problems before they become serious, helping to prevent costly repairs and accidents.
What to Expect During a Deck Inspection
Our professional deck inspector will typically perform a visual inspection of all deck components, including:
  • The deck ledger, which is the beam that attaches the deck to the house
  • The deck framing, which includes the joists, beams, and posts
  • The decking material, such as wood, composite, or vinyl
  • The railings and balusters
  • The flashing, which helps to prevent water infiltration
Our inspector will also check for signs of wear and tear, such as rot, cracks, loose fasteners, and water damage. They will also make sure that the deck is properly flashed and sealed to prevent water from seeping into the wood.
Benefits of a Deck Inspection
There are many benefits to having your deck inspected regularly. Here are just a few:
  • Can help to prevent serious safety hazards
  • Can identify potential problems early, before they become more expensive to repair
  • Can help to extend the life of your deck
  • Can give you peace of mind knowing that your deck is safe for your family and friends.
Our inspector is licensed and insured for your protection.

By having your deck inspected regularly, you can help to ensure that it is safe and enjoyable for years to come.
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